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Nach der Ausbildung voll durchstarten mit einem berufsbegleitenden Studium oder noch während des Studiums erste Erfahrungen und Eindrücke in der Berufswelt sammeln? Gerne. Als Werkstudent kannst Du erste Projekte rund um gefriergetrocknete Zutaten betreuen und ein spannendes Thema für Deine Bachelor- oder Masterarbeit finden.

Erfahre mehr über Deine Möglichkeiten bei uns und unsere aktuellen Stellenangebote für Werkstudenten.

  • Industrial clerk
    You like distant countries and like being in the office? Then you've come to the right place, because here you can do your commercial training across all borders. You get to know all departments intensively and after your training you can make a well-founded decision as to where you can best contribute.
  • Businessman for digitization management
    Exciting projects in the IT department are exactly your thing? Then you are exactly right with us! As a digitization management clerk, you are in demand when it comes to dealing with data and processes from an economic and business perspective. You are also responsible for the digitization of business processes at the operational level.
  • Specialist for warehouse logistics
    As a warehouse logistics specialist, you make sure that millions of goods are shipped all over the world. And that with a system: goods receipt, unloading and professional storage, order picking and goods issue. A bit of computer work is also included.
  • Mechatronics technician
    As a mechatronics technician, you make sure that our machines and production facilities are always on the go. The tape stands still and production cannot continue? No problem for you! With your knowledge of mechanics and electronics, you are able to get the system running again.



Martina Kösters

Human Resources Managerin
für kaufmännisches Personal

Alina Kuhn

Human Resources Managerin
für gewerbliche Mitarbeitende
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