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For over 30 years, we have been a leading supplier of freeze-dried and air-dried ingredients to the food-processing industry. Discover the diversity of our products,  our personalised service and our constant efforts to offer continuous quality improvement. Take advantage of our know-how!


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Quality & Contaminants Control Programme

Database quality control system developed by Freeze-Dry Foods GmbH. More information





How does freeze-drying work and what are the benefits for the food industry? More information

Contract work

You want to freeze-dry your own product, clean or pack it? Then our production site in Greven and all the expertise and technologies of Freeze-Dry Foods are at your disposal in the form of contract work.  We will guide and support you through the whole development process. More information


In our family-run company, ethical values are of particular importance. Management of successful partnerships, transparency and fairness characterize the "soul" of Freeze-Dry Foods GmbH. Our strategic focus is always in harmony with man and nature. Social and environmental regulations play a central role at Freeze-Dry Foods. More information