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Our freeze

Perfectly set - for the optimal level of freshness

The freeze-drying processes of Freeze-Dry Foods preserve ingredients without loss of quality. The process protects the colours, structures, nutrients and flavours.Our freeze-dried products have the same unmistakeable flavours as fresh products - and look the same too.

Just how we can guarantee this, and how we at Freeze-Dry Foods work, we are be pleased to be able to show you:


Our processing

Our drying offer

As diverse as your projects

Your project is unique and this has to be tested in the market now? We can provide you with the know-how, equipment and personnel to turn your ideas into reality. We will support you in your product development with state of the art technology and many years of experience. With innovative processes, we refine and sort your raw materials to achieve outstanding quality - even in sub-contracted work.


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»The unadulterated freshness of nature is the goal. What comes out of our production is as close as possible to it.«


Gernot Hartmann, Produktion