From the beginning

Freeze-Dry Foods’ quality starts at the plantation. A continuous audit system begins. So you get first-class quality.

Production according to social and ecological rules – from plantation to final delivery


We take responsibility for the quality of our products right from the start and we set the production standards used by our suppliers. The growing of our products is guided and audited by us from planting, through harvest to final despatch – every single step “From Farm to Fork”.


In our family business, ethical issues are of particular importance. Successful partnership, transparency and fairness characterise the “soul” of Freeze-Dry Foods. We foster a constructive and trusting dialogue both with our customers and our suppliers – in technical and in sales matters. The very best in quality and long-term success can only be achieved by working together.


Our strategic direction is in harmony with man and nature. Social and ecological considerations have been of central importance to Freeze-Dry Foods for many years, and we also demand this of our Alliance and Production partners. Of course, we also strictly observe the guidance of BSCI, ILO, UNO, OECD and other organisations. It’s part of our forward thinking.