Global network for the highest quality

Over the past years, Freeze-Dry Foods GmbH has built up an international network which includes its own sites as well as strategic partners based in many important growing areas. This makes us largely independent of changes in climate and quality variations, which to this day affect crops.

Sales Alliances

Since 2001, Freeze-Dry Foods GmbH has set up a system of sales alliances.

The companies belonging to both Freeze-Dry Foods and Surfrut have decided to organise themselves into a global network which merges the activities of all member companies in such areas as purchase, production, reprocessing, logistics and sales. Our customers can approach personal contact partners on a global scale, who have access to the entire network. This means: Global procurement with centralised order processing, speedy access to the world's best growing areas combined with a tremendous range of products and dependable international logistics.

Sales Offices & Agencies

Professional personal support for our customers is of major importance to us. This is why we have set up our own sales offices or agencies in several European countries. Our employees and representatives speak the local language and have excellent knowledge of the market, allowing us to respond to enquiries or problems in next to no time.

Strategic alliances

Freeze-Dry Foods GmbH operates on a global scale through strategic alliances with leading suppliers of air-dried and freeze-dried products. This means, we can work openly with the good names and products of our partner companies. We also exclusively support our partners' customers in Europe.

Strategic alliances generate substantial benefits for our customers. They ensure speedy access to quality and a highly diverse range of products from the best growing regions the world has to offer. Moreover, our customers profit from our continuous quality improvement and joint product development work with our partners.