Using innovative techniques we process and refine raw materials o the highest quality levels – including in our contract work.


Preservation of the typical, natural flavour of the food is our objective. Every natural product has its completely individual characteristics.

Precision work

With a cleaning facility that is unique across the globe, we are able to attain unequalled quality. Even the smallest foreign bodies can be removed. Similarly, the smallest deviations from the specification (for example, deviations in size, shape or colour of the product) can be registered thereby leading to selection of the appropriate product.


Would you like to have your products cleaned or packed? Then the capabilities and technologies of Freeze-Dry Foods are available to you. We can pack in jars, PET containers, tins and cartons or specified pack sizes of bags or big bags according to your wishes. We show some of the possibilities in the accompanying video.

Further steps

We offer our customers a range of additional possibilities that will customise our standard products so that they exactly match customer specifications.


Grating is a gentle crushing of the already freeze-dried products. With this technique, we can produce a variety of piece sizes from one batch of material.


Through sieving, we are able to sort one batch of material into pieces of various sizes.


We usually offer freeze-dried powder obtained from sieving. On customer request we can also offer additional grinding to achieve an even finer piece size.


All products in our range can be mixed with one another and so our customers are free to create their own recipes.

Tailor made packaging

On customer request, we can also offer special packaging sizes, from small to big bags!