Contract Drying

Our service

We give you the opportunity to realise your ideas and specific development  projects. Your project is unique and you are striving to differentiate yourself from the rest of the market by adding special  features to your product! We can support you thanks to our advanced technology and extensive know-how.

How it works

For a first contact, just give us a call or send an e-mail. Give us the outline of your  project and we will give it a go...


Of course, all our customer inquiries are treated confidentially. This can be secured by a confidentiality agreement if you so require.

First steps

The first information exchange will soon be followed by a sample drying. Send us a sample of the raw material and specifications, and we will do the rest.

Test drying

Thanks to test drying we can work with you to develop new products or to improve those you already have. Sample drying of your product is possible for  product weights from 0.5 kg to 10.0 kg. After sample drying, we can send you a detailed offer.


Further steps

During the whole project, our customers are always welcome to visit us to closely follow the development of their product.


For industrial-scale drying and an accurate cost evaluation we will need to discuss with you the quantities to be dried and the project timetable. Then we can plan the first industrial-scale drying.

Batch sizes

We can process different batch sizes for our customers. These are not just dependent on the product, but also the bulk density and other factors. Two drying tunnels, each with a drying area of 100m², are available. These will be loaded with between 400kgs and 1,000kgs according to customer request and product specification.


Let us show you how we work so that you can find the perfect partner for your contract drying . We have summarized the key steps of the freeze-drying process in the following video.

Production according to customer specification

Thanks to our own processing plant with the most modern technology, we can process raw materials according to the individual specifications of our customers.

We can:

  • Separate light and heavy components such as the leaves and stems of herbs using wind sifting
  • Sieve raw materials and sort by size
  • Use a  sieve mill to reduce particle size or make flowable when clumped
  • Clean products, including metal detection
  • Vacuum pack
  • Nitrogen flush products to prevent certain chemical processes from occurring and so reduce the effect of oxygen on product quality
  • Pack according to customer requirements