Air-dried ingredients have conquered almost all areas of  the food industry -  they are suitable in wet and also in frozen production.

Water is removed from the prepared raw materials in various processes through the addition of hot air. The benefits gained through drying are many, for example long shelf life, easy storage, weight reduction and high yield - these speak for themselves, but the price / performance ratio of these products is particularly good as well.

Further steps

We offer our customers a range of additional possibilities that will customise our standard products so that they exactly match customer specifications.

Heat treatment

For some customers the microbiological values of a product are of particular importance. For production reasons they need the lowest possible total plate count. If requested, we are able to offer heat treatment of our air-dried products to help meet these requirements.


Granulation allows production of a variety of cut sizes from one batch of material. Products are directed through various rollers until the desired cut size is attained.


Through sieving, we are able to sort one batch of material into pieces of various sizes.


On customer request we can also offer additional milling to obtain an even finer cut size.