Using innovative techniques we process and refine raw materials to the highest quality levels


Freeze-drying is a gentle way of preserving product and flavour. The freshly harvested raw material is prepared, frozen and then put in a vacuum chamber to be freeze-dried. During this process, the water content, in the form of ice, is carefully removed through sublimation. The flavour, shape, colour, size and consistency of the raw material remains unchanged. It tastes as good as fresh. The resulting open cell structures allow rapid re-absorption of water. Ideal for instant products. More Information


Through the application of hot air, water is drawn out of the foodstuffs and the products are thereby preserved. Together with our partners we have developed procedures which take into account the individual characteristics of the different raw materials. As a result, we are able to offer you particularly high-quality and full-flavoured products. More Information

Refining / Filling

Installation of the most modern facilities gives us the possibility of offering products refined to the highest levels. With our foreign body removal, we can automatically reject foreign bodies of any type. In addition, a granulation extension to the line enables us to produce a variety of cut sizes from one raw material. More Information

Contract Drying

Our freeze-drying experience and its associated advantages are available to you on a contract basis, operating to the highest standards. We can preserve the products that you supply together with their active ingredients - ideal, for example, for functional foods, healthcare products and much more. We will also be pleased to support you in your product develpment work: we are able to determine the optimum drying conditions for your products by means of trials in our pilot drier. More Information

Product Development

Our product development team works together with the food industry to develop innovative products. We will be pleased to assist you in the realisation of your product ideas. More Information