QCCP ® - The quality system developed by FDF

What is QCCP?

QCCP is the acronym for “Quality & Contaminants Control  Programme“. It is a database-related quality analysis system developed by  Freeze-Dry Foods GmbH. The system is based on a sound, independent analysis of risks. The outcome is a dynamic inspection schedule that covers all risk factors relevant to our products.

How does the system work?

Freeze-Dry Foods GmbH previously developed a special inspection schedule for its products. This inspection schedule has since been extended in collaboration  with an external laboratory which specialises in food analyses. Freeze-Dry Foods GmbH has maintained a  long-standing co-operation in this field with this laboratory. The inspection schedule includes all risk factors relevant to a product, such as origin, name of supplier, quantity supplied per annum etc. The inspection schedule is dynamic and subject to constant verification. This enables rapid responses to changes in the relevant parameters which in turn leads to appropriate adjustments in the inspection schedule.

What are our objectives?

  • To develop a unique quality inspection system, second to  none
  • That this system be applied to all Freeze-Dry Foods GmbH  products
  • It incorporates a balanced consideration of the risk factors
  • The system offers significant added value to customers
  • To comply with the growing demands for safe ingredients
  • To substantiate our claim of maximum product quality - even in the long term
  • To offer our clients the highest possible level of transparency

What are the benefits for our customers?

  • Freeze-Dry Foods GmbH stands by its promise:  We supply more than just the ingredients...
  • Our customers have no need to worry about the quality and safety of our products, no matter what their origin.
  • Only safe, high quality products guarantee trouble-free usage by our customers. This is why we, here at Freeze-Dry Foods GmbH must be sure to supply our customers with only those ingredients that conform to these requirements - always.

Definition of the risk and bonus factors