Best rawmaterials and continuous audits

Each producer and each lot are carefully checked. Only the best raw materials find their way to Freeze-Dry Foods for being further processed

Safety through care

The selected natural products are carefully checked and processed.

Hand-picked selection

We process only high-quality, problem-free and fresh raw materials.

The best raw materials and continuous audits from planting through to final delivery – we guarantee it!

From the start

At Freeze-Dry Foods, Quality Management starts with the selection of plantations and regional growers. We oversee the entire cultivation process using strict quality controls. The accompanying video shows some of the services offered by our own laboratory.

In detail

To control the risks associated with our products we have worked together with an experienced, independent food laboratory to develop a data-based checking system: QCCP® stands for “Quality and Contaminants Control Programme”. The tight checks take into account all possible sources of risk for each product such as origin, supplier, annual volume etc. The criteria used are also regularly reviewed and brought into line with prevailing conditions.

With a good feeling

QCCP® gives our customers carefully monitored product safety. And only high quality products – irrespective of the plantation from which they originate. QCCP® is our answer to the ever growing demands for food safety.