The advantages of freeze-drying

  • High productivity with low product weight
  • Problem-free handling
  • Long shelf-life without preservatives
  • Color and shape are maintained
  • Intense flavor
  • Maximum retention of components
  • Instant rehydration 

Freeze-dried natural products. So tasty, and full of vitamins and flavour – as though they were fresh.

Just like fresh!

Freeze-drying enables us to preserve foods in an especially gentle manner. The process preserves the colours and structures, minerals and flavours. Freeze-dried products taste as good as fresh – and look the same: the natural form, colour, size and consistency of the fresh product are preserved. Our processing of fresh materials is shown in the next video, using Olives as an example. Product List


That’s how freeze-drying works

The harvest-fresh raw materials are first frozen. The subsequent processing steps are shown in the accompanying video. The water is then gently drawn from the cells under a vacuum. Which causes the cell structures to remain open, thereby enabling these ingredients to reabsorb water very quickly and to return to their original consistency. More about the technology

Also for contract work

Our freeze-drying experience and its associated advantages are available to you on a contract basis operating to the highest standards. We preserve the products that you supply together with their active ingredients – ideal, for example, for functional foods, healthcare products and much more. We will also be pleased to support you in your product development work: we are able to determine the optimal drying conditions for your products by means of trials in our pilot drier. More Information

Product development

Our product development team works together with the food industry to develop innovative products. More Information

Freeze-drying capacity

  • 2 freeze-drying tunnels
  • Freeze-drying of high quality products
  • 2 x 100m² drying surface