Headquarters in Greven Germany

The heart of our success

Everything meets in Greven. Greven is home to our Management Team as well as centralised functions such as sales, material planning, marketing and administration.
This arrangement serves the aim of uniting our most important functions at a central site. This is where quality guidelines are formulated, product decisions made and all international activities co-ordinated. Our sales staff support customers in Germany, Europe and parts of Asia as well as countries in which we have no local presence, such as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Greven is also the domicile of our sister companies CLUB Feinkost GmbH, Raoul Rousso GmbH and 1PLUS Produkte GmbH.

Quality control and product development by our in-house laboratory

Our quality assurance personnel analyse representative samples taken from all raw materials and finished products delivered into Greven. Physical, chemical and microbiological tests are carried out for individual products according to detailed inspection schedules. In addition, the tests also focus on sensory properties including olfactory, visual and flavour attributes. The results of the examinations determine the further use of the materials. 

Using a small freeze-drying unit our experts develop innovative freeze-dried foods within the framework of our own research, but also by customer assignment. Technical implementation on an industrial scale is feasible.

Highest quality for your products

Since 2001 we have been operating our own freeze-drying plant here in Greven -  certified by IFS in April 2008 - which meets the highest quality standards. The plant creates products of superb quality from carefully selected raw materials, primarily aromatic herbs, vegetables and spices.

In collaboration with our customers we also use this plant to develop new products, all the way through to industrial production. We are pleased to look into contract drying possibilities for our customers.

State of the art flexibility

Freeze-Dry Foods GmbH has efficient, partly independently designed automatic packing lines for freeze-dried and air-dried products. HACCP concepts vouch for our high quality claim. Since March 2004 our entire company has also been IFS certified (advanced level), which guarantees the continuous improvement of process quality. Strict conditions imposed for hygiene and product safety such as automatic metal detection after packing, and our employees' long-standing experience ensure the constant high quality of products, even for large volumes. Possible packaging types include glass, cardboard tubes and aluminium tins, or polyethylene wrappers. 

Automatic sorting plants can combine various products into retail units after packing.

Our plant also provides the complete packing for GOUTESS, the brand of CLUB Feinkost GmbH, our sister company. Filling for Private Label products is also possible. If this is the service you require, kindly contact us:

Customised product specifications

Freeze-Dry Foods GmbH operates its own reprocessing plant with cutting-edge technology, to process the raw materials according to our customers' individual specifications. Our portfolio of services includes -

separating light and heavy components, such as stems and leaves of herbs
various methods of screening to sort by size
metal detector-based cleaning
vacuum packaging 
nitrogen flushing to prevent certain chemical processes which may lead to a deterioration of product quality following exposure to oxygen 

We also produce customised product blends and package in industry-sized containers.