The advantages of air-drying

  • Problem-free handling
  • Long shelf-life without preservatives
  • Good sensory characteristics
  • Good control of microbiology

Air-dried ingredients: long life and universal usability

More than hot air

Air-dried natural products are used in almost all branches of the food industry. And for good reason: air-dried ingredients are tasty, robust, unproblematic both in storage and usage and are cost-effective. Air-dried ingredients can also be used for frozen and wet products.

More than preservation

Through the application of hot air, water is drawn out of the foodstuffs and the products are thereby preserved. Together with our partners we have developed procedures which take into account the individual characteristics of the different raw materials. As a result, we are able to offer you particularly high-quality and full-flavoured products. 

More than you expect

With continuous process development, we optimise our techniques – and set quality standards. Freeze-Dry Foods offers you a range of the most sought after air-dried products.